Don’t Sell A Solution Before You Have Shown The Problem

“I promise you that I will provide you the most delicious meal you ever had and I will charge you $100 for it. It does  not matter from which country you are, or what your food habits are, or whether you have eaten in the best restaurants in the world. The meal I will provide you, will undoubtedly be the best you have ever had in your life.”

That is my marketing pitch to you, right now. You are curious and wondering how could I possibly fulfill my claim. Is it a marketing trick? Not really? Is it a scam? Will I take your money and trick you into some scheme and then run away? No.

So how will I make it work? To put it in very simple terms – I am going to make you so hungry that by the time I bring you food, you will be ready to eat anything I give you. If I find a way to starve you for 2 days, then whatever food you get, will be the best you ever had. That is the basic premise, but it can be simulated in various ways in a modern restaurant setting.  The point is to think “why do people need food and how to make them want it real bad”. The answer is simple – make them hungry. Thats the simplest logic in the world, yet so very few restaurants follow it. They will spend a fortune in doing up the place and adding other attractions (nothing wrong in that) but they will completely ignore the real reason WHY a customer is there. He has come to EAT. If the restaurant spends even a little time and money in making sure he gets really hungry, their sales would go through the roof.

There are a few restaurants around the world who make this happen in little ways:

  • They make you wait before your order arrives at the table
  • They provide you with free snacks or something to drink which actually activates your digestive enzymes and thus makes you feel even more hungry than before
  • They let the smell of good food come in from the kitchen (this is such a GREAT trick but sadly its hardly ever used)

There are so many other ways you can make the customer feel more hungry. The more hungry he is, the more food he orders, the more sales for you. Q.E.D.

If you try to feed him when he is not really hungry he will not eat much and you wont get much sales.

Don’t sell a solution without making them appreciate the problem first.


That is a golden rule. But most companies, in their haste to make a sale, quickly push their service/product and explains its virtues, benefits blah blah. Who cares?

If you want to sell food, show your customer what it means to be hungry. If you want to sell blankets, make your customer feel really cold. If you are selling houses, show a customer what it feels to be living on the street in a downpour.  If you are selling a chair, make a customer feel the discomfort of having to stand for 2 hours.

Take some time to show them the pain that you are solving. After all, nobody will appreciate a bandage if they are not hurt.

(Featured photo by Roman Kraft)



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