As things become “smarter” humans become depressed

The USA is technologically the most advanced nation on earth. It is also home to a population that has the highest depression anywhere in the world. As per official statistics, around 1 out of 3 people in USA suffer from depression. I am sure this kind of a statistic is prevalent in other parts of the world too, but since those countries are not so efficient at gathering statistics , these things dont show up on their radar.

We live in an age where everything is available at our fingertips. Everything can be delivered to your doorstep without you have to step out or put in any effort. While that speaks volumes on how much more comfortable our lives have become, this creates havoc for our bodies.

The human body was meant for active use. A lot of the chemical and physical processes that take place in our body, happens as a basis of activity, specially regular activity. Using our muscles and limbs in various ways for extended periods of time makes us feel happy or at peace. Physical activity also uses up a lot of energy which otherwise would build up without an outlet. When we complete a physical task it gives us a sense of accomplishment which releases dopamine and other enzymes in the brain which makes us feel good.

Now that we do not have to do any actual physical work – even in our daily jobs, our bodies are decaying due to lack of use. This short-circuits the healthy chemical processes, creating   physical ailments and mental dissatisfaction. We have everything we want now, but we are not happy – something is missing. What is missing is the sense of accomplishment .

Things are too easy to obtain now. We are making our lives more and more easy, which is creating stress. Paradoxical but true.

At this rate, one day human beings might just have a brain and no body because there is no use for a body anymore. We are all living our lives in our brains.

What gives us long term happiness is not the fulfillment of all our wants, but a sense of accomplishment. And how will we get a sense of accomplishment if we have outsourced all accomplishment to computers and devices?

(Featured photo by Anh Nguyen)

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