Why is it important to learn English

Everybody stresses on the importance of learning your own mother-tongue and it is certainly important to do so. But yet the world over, English is very important and it makes a lot of sense to learn English also. There are countries like France,Germany, Russia etc. where all official correspondence and even school curricula are taught in their national language. If you go to Japan or China, everything is in their language.

But still English rules over every other language in the world. All international trade is conducted in English. All software in the world is created in programming languages which are in English. The United Nation lists English as one of the six official UN languages.

But here is the ultimate  proof of all:

Every passport in the world, regardless of country, always has a page in English, if the main language in the passport is not English.

There can be no argument beyond this point. The world still runs on English and will continue to do for at least the next few decades.

(Featured Photo by Aaron Burden)

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  1. Pretty simple and straight forward 🙂
    Like the short article and to point justification of the title as well…
    I also believe english is important .. but we should not forget the importance of our own mother tongue… but we somehow do 🙁

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