The Dalai Lama’s Solution to Handle Negative Thinking

According to The Dalai Lama, there are two reasons why you get stuck in negative thinking. They are the simplest things in the world and yet they make so much sense:



When you become excessively self-obsessed and are always thinking about you and your needs then the tendency to think negatively becomes greater. Stop the “I, me, myself” thinking; focus on things and people around you and negativeness automatically goes away.

2.Nothing appears as it is, so dont get carried away by it

As the famous saying goes “the world is an illusion”. We all perceive reality the way we are taught to or the way we want to. We never see reality as it actually exists. So dont get caught up with illusions. Nothing is “good” or “bad”. Everything just “is”. It is your thinking which makes it good or bad.

(Featured Photo by Mayur Joshi )


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