Put Yourself First

Instead of finding happiness by doing things for others, you should start putting yourself first. You will find that when you put yourself first, your money luck changes and money starts coming. When you have too much energy of giving away, then money is not attracted to you. But when you turn your attention to yourself is when the energy pattern shifts and then money comes to you because then you are showing that you are a taker and not just a giver.

The part which you want to indulge in or do or be in, but no one sees it, is the true you and when you indulge in that part of you, things and good luck will come to you. Over time you will have to bring out more and more the authentic you after which you will find that success comes out of just being the real you and showing it to the world , instead of doing things for others.

Even the main work that you do, do it the way your heart tells you to and not according to what your logic and fears tell you to. To go back to being the real you, you need to hear the inner child within you and follow what it says.


(Featured Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider)

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